• NO.: 5SD(M) 50Hz
  • Shelves time: 2014-01-10
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For water supply from wells or reservoirs
For domestic use,for civil and industrial applications
For garden and irrigation


Operating conditions
Maxiumum fluid temperature up to +35ºC.
Maximum sand content : 0.25%.
Maximum immersion : 80m.
Minimum well diameter : 5".


Motor and pump
Rewindable motor 
Single-phase : 220V- 240V /50HZ
Three-phase : 380V - 415V /50HZ
Equip with start control box or digital auto-control box
Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906


Options on request
Special mechanical seal
Other voltages or frequency 60 HZ
Single phase motor with built-in capacitor


Warranty : 2 years
(according to our general sales conditions).



Components Material
Pump external casing AISI 304 SS
Delivery casing Cast-Cu ASTM C85500
Suction lantern Cast-Cu ASTM C85500
Diffuser Plastic.PC
Impeller Plastic.POM
Shaft AISI 304 SS
Shaft coupling AISI 304 SS
Wear ring AISI 304 SS
Motor external casing AISI 304 SS
Top chock ① Cast-Cu ASTM C85500
② Cast-iron ASTM NO.30
Bottom support AISI 304 SS
Mechanical seal Special seal for deep well(Graphite-Ceramic)
Shaft AISI 304 SS-ASTM 5140
Bearing NSK
Seal lubricant oil Oil for food machinery and pharmaceutic use.
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