How to ensure the working efficiency and performance of submersible pumps


Submersible pumps mainly work under liquid and have sta […]

Submersible pumps mainly work under liquid and have stable performance. The selection range of submersible pumps is very wide. It is practical and affordable to choose according to different usage conditions. Submersible pumps are mainly suitable for clean water treatment. Common types include well submersible pumps and stainless steel submersible pumps. Long-term use will inevitably cause wear and tear, which will burden the components of the submersible pump and affect work efficiency and performance.

Under normal circumstances, submersible pumps deal with clean water with low medium loss, but some use environments contain a small amount of sand, which will still affect the pump body components. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance work is indispensable. On the one hand, the wear and tear can be found in time, and the other On the one hand, the submersible pump components are repaired or replaced in time, and the benefits are timely to ensure the working efficiency and stable performance of the submersible pump.

(1) Keep the equipment clean, dry, free of oil and leakage.

(2) Check every day whether the running sound of the water pump is normal, whether there is vibration or leakage, and deal with the problem if it is found.

(3) Check whether the oil level in the oil chamber of the water pump suspension is appropriate every day, and it must be kept at 1/3 to 2/3 of the oil standard.

(4) It is strictly forbidden for the water pump to work in the state where the liquid in the pool is evacuated, because the pump working in the evacuated state not only vibrates strongly, but also affects the life of the pump, so special attention must be paid.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to enter the clean water pump with metal objects and flexible materials such as rubber, cotton yarn, plastic cloth, etc., so as not to break the over-flow objects of the water pump and block the impeller flow path, which makes the pump unable to work normally.