Is the mechanical seal good for the pump


Water pumps are generally divided into clean water pump […]

Water pumps are generally divided into clean water pumps and sewage pumps. The media properties of the action are different, and the structure and performance of the water pump will also have obvious differences. What are the advantages of using mechanical seals for water pumps?


Mechanical seal has the advantages of reliable sealing performance, small leakage, long service life, low power loss and wide application range. According to the specific use environment, long shaft deep well pump, electric motor fire pump, diesel engine fire pump, and stainless steel submersible pump are all available. The use of mechanical seals will wear out after long-term use, so regular maintenance is very important.



The water pump mechanical seal has many manufacturing processes and greater difficulties, so the production is not easy to be damaged, and it has great advantages in various environments. Professional water pump manufacturers choose cost-effective sealing forms according to the user's needs. Therefore, when choosing deep well pumps, fire pumps, and submersible pumps, try to choose professional manufacturers for better reliability. In addition, the mechanical seal of the water pump is worn for a long time, and timely inspection and maintenance are also very important tasks, and can extend the service life of the water pump.


Is it good for the pump to adopt a mechanical seal? In fact, it is mainly determined according to the actual needs of users. It is necessary to understand clearly what type of deep well pump or fire pump to use, the installation environment, and the properties of the media used.