Reasons for failure of sliding bearing used in water pump


The main components of the water pump are motor, pump c […]

The main components of the water pump are motor, pump casing, impeller, bearing, pump shaft, seal, coupling and water pipe, etc. Bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Different types of bearings can be selected according to different pump types and use environments. Long-term use of fire pumps, deep well pumps or submersible pumps need regular inspection and maintenance, and serious wear and tear should be replaced or repaired in time to ensure the stable performance of fire pumps, deep well pumps or submersible pumps. What are the faults of sliding bearings in general? How to deal with it?

Fault: glued.

Treatment measures: 1) Ensure the correct installation position and clearance requirements, 2) Ensure that the rotor is well lubricated.

Failure: Fatigue rupture.

Treatment measures: 1) Keep the bearing surface smooth, 2) Ensure the rotor is well balanced.

Fault: wear and tear.

Treatment measures: 1) Avoid insufficient lubrication, 2) Clean the lubrication system in time.



Fault: scratches.

Treatment measures: 1) Prevent instantaneous oil cut, 2) Avoid bumps during installation or disassembly.

Fault: napping.

Treatment measures: pay attention to the cleanliness of the oil circuit to prevent the entry of dirt.

Fault: cavitation.

Treatment measures: 1) Increase the oil supply pressure, 2) Modify the shape of the bearing bush oil groove and oil groove, 3) Reduce the bearing clearance.

Fault: electric erosion.

Treatment measures: 1) Ensure that the insulation and protection devices of the machine are in good condition; 2) Ensure that the grounding of the machine is intact; 3) Check the shaft diameter. If electrical erosion pits occur on the shaft diameter, the shaft diameter should be polished to remove the pits.