What are the basic steps for installing an electric water pump


1. Clean up, the base, the water pump, the foreign matt […]

1. Clean up, the base, the water pump, the foreign matter on the motor foot board.

2. Install the water pump and motor coupling, hoist the water pump and motor on the base, screw on the motor and water pump anchor bolts, do not need to tighten.

3. Tighten the foundation bolts.

4. Correct the parallelism and concentricity of the water pump and motor, and leave the coupling gap.

Coupling clearance refers to the clearance between the water pump and the motor to the coupling end after axial movement;

5. Perform pipeline installation after cleaning up the welding slag of the inlet and outlet pipes.

Note: If it is an old pipeline, check the pipeline first, and then hoist the pump.

6. Check that the pressure gauge, exhaust valve, water injection hole, and vacuum system interface are correctly positioned.

Note: The outlet pressure gauge is installed between the pump outlet and the gate valve.

The exhaust valve is installed at a position higher than the outer diameter of the impeller or the outlet is short-circuited.

Imported pressure gauges and vacuum gauges are installed on the inlet pipeline.

7. Check, inlet and outlet pipeline valves, and pipeline support.

8. After fixing the inlet and outlet pipes, perform a second concentricity and parallelism correction.

9. Start the motor and check whether the direction of rotation is consistent with the direction of rotation of the pump.

10. Connect to the cooling water system, the cooling water adopts low-in and high-out methods under normal conditions.