What are the daily operation and maintenance measures for sewage equipment


Sewage equipment mainly includes submersible sewage pum […]

Sewage equipment mainly includes submersible sewage pumps, submersible mixers, submersible propellers, etc. Find a professional pump manufacturer to provide services such as selection quotation, material recommendation and customization, which effectively reduces the probability of misselection. If you encounter a failure or need to replace parts later, there will be a dedicated person responsible, which can reduce many problems. What are the daily operation and maintenance measures for sewage equipment?

(1) Check whether the safety protection device is complete, safe, flexible, accurate and reliable.

(2) Check the screws and tighten them to prevent them from falling off during use; check the operating handles of the transmission system, and the electrical switches are positioned correctly and not loose.



(3) Check whether the lubricating device is complete, complete and reliable, the oil path is unobstructed, and the oil mark is eye-catching, and lubricate various transmission parts.

(4) Check whether various pipelines and pipe fittings are in good condition, and there is no running, leaking, dripping, leakage or seepage.

(5) Check the integrity of the equipment and whether the parts and accessories are missing. Various tools and accessories should be placed neatly and stored in an orderly manner.

(6) Clean all parts of the equipment to make the inside and outside of the equipment clean. The sliding guide rails and joints should be free of oil, rust, dust and debris, so that the paint can see the natural color, and the iron can see the light.