What are the factors to be considered in the selection of pipeline pumps


1. The characteristics of the medium: medium name, spec […]

1. The characteristics of the medium: medium name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosiveness, toxicity, etc.

2. The particle diameter and content of the solid contained in the medium.

3. Medium temperature: (℃)

4. The required flow rate In general industrial pumps, the leakage in the piping system can be ignored in the process flow, but the impact on the flow rate when the process changes must be considered. If agricultural pumps use open channels for water delivery, leakage and evaporation must also be considered.

5. Pressure: the pressure of the suction pool, the pressure of the discharge pool, the pressure difference in the piping system (head loss).

6. Piping system data (pipe diameter, length, type and number of pipe accessories, geometric elevation from suction tank to pressure tank, etc.).

If necessary, the device characteristic curve should also be drawn.