What are the performance characteristics of submersible sewage pumps


The motor of the submersible sewage pump is connected t […]

The motor of the submersible sewage pump is connected to the pump body underneath. The middle junction is designed with a very reliable mechanical device for sealing. The sealing effect is very good. It can effectively prevent the inside of the motor. Under this design, the service life of the submersible sewage pump is greatly increased, and the long-term safe and reliable operation of the water pump can be guaranteed.

When designing submersible sewage pumps, there are mainly two types.

One is that the low-flow water pump has a centrifugal or cyclonic structure, and its function is to pump ordinary sewage or sludge, as well as engineering high-lift drainage and drainage.

The second type is the mixed-flow structure of the large-flow water pump, whose main function is used for the circulation of sewage from the coal washing plant or the pumping of coal slime, and can also be used for river water irrigation of agricultural farmland, etc. Submersible sewage pumps are used in a wide range of applications. In municipal, residential, commercial, and hospital sewage, wastewater, and rainwater discharges, they have strong stability and practicability.

There are many types of submersible sewage pumps. According to the actual application selection and quotation, the design of large channel anti-clogging hydraulic components can effectively pass through the solid particles and long fibers with a diameter of 125mm. The motor is equipped with a suitable brand for reliable operation. You can find a professional pump manufacturer to solve it. Selection, installation and maintenance, etc., to avoid the influence of misoperation.