(HRS32/4-180) (HRS32/6-180) 3 Speed Adjustment Circulating Pump Suppliers

(HRS32/4-180) (HRS32/6-180) 3 Speed Adjustment Circulating Pump

(HRS32/4-180) (HRS32/6-180) 3 Speed Adjustment Circulating Pump

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1) Apply to heating system

2) System pressure: 10 bar

3) Operating Condition:

          Ambient Temperature: 0℃~40℃

          Ambient Humidity: 95%

          Liquid Temperature: -10℃~110℃

          Ambient temperature must be lower than liquid temperature, in order to avoid condensate water produced in the interior of stator

4) Liquid: Clean, non-corrosive and non-explosive liquids, without any particle, fiber or mineral oil.

5) Water/Glycol mixtures max. mixing ratio should be 1:1

6) Dry running no more than 10s

Model Power Max. Flow Max. Head
HRS32/4-180 72/53/38W 3.4/2.3/1.3m3/h 4.5/4/3m
HRS32/6-180 93/67/46W 3.9/2.9/1.6m3/h 6/5/3m
EDWIN PUMP has been a (HRS32/4-180) (HRS32/6-180) 3 Speed Adjustment Circulating Pump suppliers and company from China. Factory export series of pumps which include more than 40 series, 2000 models. We also accept OEM/ODM for many years.
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