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DC Submersible Solar Pump

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DC Submersible Solar Pump

3ESS 3" DC Brushless Solar Screw Submersible Water Pump

3" Compact Size
DC Brushless
Stainless Steel for Outlet/Connection/Oil Cylinder
NSK Bearing
MPPT Function

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Main Features:

●Permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor:

   (1)The efficiency is improved by 15%-20%

   (2)Save energy

   (3)Reduce the consumption of solar panels

●Brass or stainless steel outlet/connector/ oil cylinder for option.

●Japanese NSK bearing: prolong the working life.

●Alloy mechanical seal: Longer working life and high reliability.

●Motor coil is made by automatic winding machine with centralized winding technology, motor efficiency is much improved.

●The pump parts are processed by high-precision and fully automatic machines, strictly controlling the dimension precision and smoothness.

● Intelligent water shortage and full water protection.

●DC Controller:

   (1) Waterproof grade: IP65.

   (2) Ambient temperature: -15℃ to 60℃.

   (3) MPPT function, the solar power utilization rate is higher.

   (4) Automatic charging function: Guarantee the pump normally working, meanwhile charge the battery; And when there is no sunshine, the battery can make the pump continuously working.

   (5) LED displays the power, voltage, current, speed etc working condition and error code.

   (6) Frequency conversion function: It can automatically run with frequency conversion according to the solar power, and user also can change the speed of pump manually.

   (7) Automatically start and stop working.

   (8) Water proof and leak-proof: Double seal effect.

   (9) Soft start: No impulse current, protect the pump motor.

   (10) High voltage/Low voltage/Over-current/High temperature protection.

●2 years warranty.



Pump external casing

Stainless steel


Stainless steel


Stainless steel

Oil cylinder

Stainless steel




Complete SS304

ITEM Voltage Optimum input voltage(DC) Power Max. Flow Max. Head Outlet Cable Solar panel
Open circuit voltage(VOC) Power
3ESS0.5-28-12-80 12V 20V-36V 80W 0.5m³/h 28m 0.75" 2m <50V ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3ESS1.2-56-24-120 24V 30V-48V 120W 1.2m³/h 56m 0.75" 2m <50V ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3ESS1.2-77-36-210 36V 30V-48V 210W 1.2m³/h 77m 0.75" 2m <50V ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3ESS1.7-109-48-500 48V 60V-90V 500W 1.7m³/h 109m 0.75" 2m <100V ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3ESS2.0-150-48-750 48V 60V-90V 750W 2.0m³/h 150m 0.75" 2m <100V ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3ESS2.0-150-72-750 72V 90V-120V 750W 2.0m³/h 150m 0.75" 2m <150V ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3ESS2.2-180-72-1100 72V 90V-120V 1100W 2.2m³/h 180m 0.75" 2m <150V ≥1.3*PUMP POWER

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