4/5EFS Series 5" AC/DC Water Filled Hybrid Solar Pump Suppliers

4/5EFS Series 5' AC/DC Water Filled Hybrid Solar Pump

4/5EFS Series 5" AC/DC Water Filled Hybrid Solar Pump

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EDWIN PUMP provide 4/5EFS Series 5" AC/DC Water filled motor Hybrid Solar Pump

The pump has 2 options to choose, insert controller or seperate control box.

We have 4 choices for control box.



1.Permanent magnet brushless frequency conversion water-filled motor

2. Double inner and outer shielded motor with field-oriented control function. No mechanical seal is used, so it can avoid the water leakage and mechanical seal friction. And the wet rotor cooling effect is better.

3. Built-in intelligent controller.

4. Hybrid powered by AC and DC, max power is 3KW

5. Soft start: extend the service life.

6. Voltage range: 60-380VMP or 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz. Max. VOC is 440V

7. Dry-running protection, Reverse protection, Over-load protection, Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection, Phase loss protection.

8. 304 Stainless steel material.

9. High temperature copper coil.

10. High-accuracy rotor with graphite bearing and thrust bearing.

11. In DC mode, the MPPT function can achieve over 99% efficiency.

12. In AC mode, the power factor correction function can make the power factor exceed 0.99.

13. Submerging depth can reach 150 meters.

14. 2 years warranty

Model DC Voltage Range AC Voltage Range Power Max. Flow Max. Head Outlet
4/5EFS28.2-58-2600 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600W 28.2m3/h 58m 2.5"
4/5EFS26.5-81-3000 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000W 26.5m3/h 81m 2.5"
4/5EFS28-44-2200 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W 28m3/h 44m 2.5"
4/5EFS28.5-59-2600 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600W 28.5m3/h 59m 2.5"
4/5EFS32.5-22-2200 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W 32.5m3/h 22m 2.5"
4/5EFS33.8-41-2600 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600W 33.8m3/h 41m 2.5"
4/5EFS32.5-64-3000 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000W 32.5m3/h 64m 2.5"
4/5EFS33.5-21-2200 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2200W 33.5m3/h 21m 2.5"
4/5EFS38-39-2600 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 2600W 38m3/h 39m 2.5"
4/5EFS35.8-54-3000 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000W 35.8m3/h 54m 2.5"
4/5EFS38-41-3000 60-380Vmp (60-440VOC) 90-240VAC 3000W 38m3/h 41m 2.5"


EDWIN PUMP has been a 4/5EFS Series 5" AC/DC Water Filled Hybrid Solar Pump suppliers and company from China. Factory export series of pumps which include more than 40 series, 2000 models. We also accept OEM/ODM for many years.
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