How to clean the long-term used water pump


Long-term use of water pumps still need to be cleaned? […]

Long-term use of water pumps still need to be cleaned? Cleaning the water pump is actually part of the maintenance, which can make the performance of the water pump stable and lasting. Long-axis deep-well pumps, fire-fighting deep-well pumps, submersible deep-well pumps and other long-term use are inevitable, and it is normal for scales to be used in clean water. How to clean is critical.

1) Scrape off the scale and rust accumulated on the inner and outer surfaces of the impeller, the seal ring and the bearing, etc., and then clean and blow off with water or compressed air.

2) Clean the grease and rust accumulated on the joint surfaces of the water pump housing.

3) Clean the water seal pipe and check whether the pipe is unblocked.

4) Clean the bushes and bearings, remove the grease, and then clean the oil ring and oil level gauge. The ball bearings should be cleaned with gasoline.

5) All parts and components not to be assembled temporarily should be protected with oil after cleaning.