1. Spare parts produced by ourselves
Our company has a sub-company which is the biggest one in our city producing and selling pump spare parts more than 15 years. Most of the pump factories buy spare parts from us. So we can control our quality and price better than others.

2. High quality capacitor
Adopt good capacitor made by the big factory in our city, heat resistant to 860℃, working life is more than 18000 hours.

3. Cold rolled stator
Made by high speed punching lathe, compared with normal stator, burr is less, concentricity is more standard, stability is improved by 48%.

4. Automatic winding
100% copper wire, with thermal protector, make the pump top working automatically at the condition of over load etc.

5. Coil testing
100% coiling testing to make sure each coil energized and no leakage at high voltage condition.

6. Housing painting
Adopt automatic painting line, make each pump surface uniform coating and strong adhesive force.

7. Stainless steel screw
All the pump use stainless steel screw, compared with normal screw, no rust , no broken.