What are the characteristics of the pump mechanical seal


Generally, water pumps can use packing seals and mechan […]

Generally, water pumps can use packing seals and mechanical seals. Different types of seals can be selected for different environmental requirements. Long shaft deep well pumps, long shaft fire pumps and stainless steel submersible pumps can all use mechanical seals. What is the mechanical seal of the pump? What is the principle? What are the characteristics? The following is the answer to the mechanical seal of the pump.

What is a mechanical seal? What is the principle?

Answer: At least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation, under the cooperation of liquid pressure, compensating mechanical external elastic force and auxiliary seal, keeps abutting and slides relative to each other to prevent liquid leakage. The device is called mechanical seal.

When the mechanical seal is working, the moving ring closely adheres to the static ring under the action of the compensating spring force and rotates with the shaft to form a friction pair that fits and contacts. The conveyed medium penetrates into the contact surface to produce a layer of liquid film, which helps prevent the medium from leaking, and can also leak the end surface to reduce wear.

What are the characteristics of mechanical seals?

Answer: The mechanical seal consists of a moving ring, a static ring, a spring, a push ring and a sealing ring. It is sealed by moving and static tightly forming a film pressure. Its advantages are: good sealing performance, long life, low power consumption and wide application range. Its disadvantages are: complex manufacturing, relatively expensive, and high installation requirements.