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Characteristics of parallel operation of pumps

Multiple pumps can work together or they can be distributed. You can select the appropriate model according to the actual flow or head requirements. Now we usually use the parallel connection of pumps. A single pump can also provide a reasonable flow rate with multiple pumps. The pumps work in parallel. What are the characteristics? Why multiple pumps working in parallel will be favored by users.

The water supply can be increased, and the flow in the water mains is equal to the sum of the water output of each parallel pump;

The flow rate and head of the pump station can be adjusted by the number of pumps on and off to achieve the purpose of energy saving and safe water supply. For example: when designing a water intake pumping station, the flow is considered based on the maximum daily average hourly flow in the city, and the head is considered based on the low water level in the river. Therefore, in actual operation, due to changes in the water level of the river, changes in the water consumption in the urban pipe network, etc., it is bound to involve the adjustment of the start and stop of the water intake pumping station units. In addition, it is even more necessary to adjust the start and stop of the water pumping station unit;



③Water pump: When one of the pumps working in parallel is damaged, the other pumps can still continue to supply water. Therefore, pumping water in parallel improves the flexibility of pumping station operation scheduling and the reliability of water supply, which is the most common in pumping stations A mode of operation.

In theory, the flow rate of the parallel connection of the pumps is the sum of the flow rates of all types of pumps, but in fact, the flow rate will have a certain amount of wear. Therefore, the selection of the pump needs to pay attention to the efficiency and piping design. It is recommended to find a professional pump manufacturer .