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Factors Affecting the Normal Use Efficiency of Deep Well Pump

Desulfurization pump is a single-stage single-suction, axial suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pump, designed mainly to meet the thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization system designed for transporting limestone, gypsum and other slurry. The main factors that affect the efficiency of the desulfurization pump are: 1. The performance of the pump deteriorates with the increase of the gap between the impeller and the guard plate, and the efficiency is reduced. Therefore, the impeller should be adjusted forward in time to maintain a certain clearance so that the pump can be maintained in a highly efficient operation. When the pump is worn out, the system cannot be satisfied. When necessary, the wearing parts should be replaced, and the pump should be dismantled periodically to estimate the life of the wearing parts, so as to avoid serious consequences for the system when the wear parts fail. 2. The front and rear pump casings are made of gray cast iron or nodular cast iron according to the working pressure. They are opened vertically and bolted. The rear pump housing has bolts and brackets connected by bolts. The pump outlet can be rotated by eight angles. Impeller front and rear covers are equipped with back blades to reduce leakage and improve pump life and efficiency. All types of pump inlets are horizontal, and the pump rotates clockwise from the drive direction. About the efficiency of the desulfurization pump The above points are more important, so we must pay attention to the above several items in their purchase and use.