How to deal with the leakage of pump packing seal


Long-term use of water pump equipment will cause seal l […]

Long-term use of water pump equipment will cause seal leakage. How to deal with packing seal leakage? Both mechanical seals and packing seals are good sealing devices, and long-term wear and tear can cause leakage. The working process of leakage treatment: In order to reduce the leakage, the packing should be installed in the correct way first.

1) First, thoroughly clean the inside of the packing culvert, and check whether the outer surface of the shaft sleeve and the packing culvert is intact and whether there is any obvious wear.

2) Packing specifications should be selected according to regulations, the performance should be compatible with the liquid to be transported, and the size should meet the requirements. Too fine will leak.

3) When cutting the packing, the knife edge should be sharp, the interface should be cut into a 30-45 bevel, and the cut surface should be flat. The cut packing must be a full circle after it is installed in the packing culvert, and it cannot be short or too long.

4) After the packing is loaded into the packing culvert, the joints of two adjacent circles should be staggered by at least 90. If it is equipped with a water cooling structure, pay attention to make the packing stagger the cooling water inlet of the filling culvert, and align the annular chamber of the water seal ring exactly with the water inlet.

5) After installing the last round of packing, install the packing gland and tighten it evenly until it is confirmed that the packing is in place. After loosening the packing gland, re-tighten to the proper tightening force. (Generally, after the packing is installed, it is best not to tighten or tighten it slightly. After the pump is filled with water, the packing should be tightened, but there should be a slight leakage of the packing. After the pump is started, tighten the packing according to the temperature and leakage of the packing. Packing. That is, it cannot leak too much or the temperature is too high.)

6) After tightening the packing, check the gap between the packing gland and the shaft, and the surrounding gaps should be the same; check whether the pressure around the gland is the same. Prevent friction between gland and shaft.