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How to choose the Solar Panel?

There are three important parameters to consider when selecting solar panels to power the DC brushless permanent magnet frequency conversion solar pump.

Firstly, the panel power is 1.3 times (suggested numerical value,you can adjust it to meet your needs but don’t change too much) the pump power to ensure adequate energy supply.

Secondly, the VOC (voltage open circuit) of the solar panel should not exceed the maximum VOC of the controller to avoid damaging the water pump, and at the same time, it should be higher than the minimum operating voltage of the water pump.

Finally, the total current of the solar panel cannot be greater than 25A.

As an example, if your pump power is 500W, the optimal operating voltage range is 60V-90V, and the controller has a maximum VOC of 105V, you will need a set of solar panels with a power of at least 650W (1.3 times that of 500W), VOC above 60V and below 105V, meanwhile total current should be no more than 25A. As shown in the following table:


Pump power

The optimal operating voltage of the pump

The maximum VOC of the controller




Solar panel



Electric current

650W (1.3times



        At this point, if you choose to connect two 330W solar panels in parallel, although this will provide a total power of 660W and a VOC of 45.89V, and the total current is 19.2A (9.6A times 2), but because the VOC is below the minimum operating voltage of the pump, the pump will not be able to run smoothly, so this solution is not advisable.

So you can choose two 330W solar panels in series, which will provide a total power of 660W and a VOC of 91.78V (45.89V times 2) for a total current of 9.6A.

Users can also connect the panels in series or parallel to achieve the required power and voltage according to their own ratio of solar panels held by them.As long as the above three important parameters (power, open circuit voltage, current) are satisfied at the same time.

Overall, choosing the right solar panel for your pump is crucial to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Carefully consider panel power, VOC, and current to make the best choice for your needs.