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Types of Water Pumps : The Difference between Jet and Water Pumps

Both jet pumps and water pumps serve the purpose of transporting water, albeit employing distinct methods and serving diverse purposes.

A water pump is an instrument engineered to transfer water from one location to another. It's largely employed in supplying domestic and commercial properties with water, irrigation of agricultural produce, and circulation within decorative fountains, among others. Water pumps function through suction or pressure creation to propel water through conduits or hoses.

Conversely, a jet pump constitutes a specialised category of water pump, primarily used to extract water from boreholes or similar subterranean reserves. Jet pumps accomplish this through a high pressure jet of water, thereby generating a vacuum that draws water upward. This vacuum building process results from water transit in a venturi, a narrow channel that enhances water flow velocity.

A key advantage of jet pumps is their capability to pull water from boreholes reaching depths of up to 100 feet or beyond. Their relative simplicity in installation and lack of electrical dependency make them sought-after choices for rural residents or those who lack access to municipal water networks.

In conclusion, both water pumps and jet pumps are instrumental for water transportation, each offering unique applications and benefits. Be it water provisioning at your residential premises, agricultural irrigation, or extraction from a borehole, there exists a suitable pump for your needs.