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What are the common faults of water pumps

Vibration during operation

1. Instability of pipeline support and loosening of pump base or anchor bolts are common causes of vibration. All bolts must be tightened to avoid loosening.

2. There is gas in the liquid. Check carefully whether the connecting bolts on the sealing surfaces of the water pump and the water inlet pipe are loose, whether the sealing gasket is damaged, and whether the pump body and piping system parts are damaged.

3. The water pump and the motor shaft are not concentric and should be adjusted. When using a belt to rotate, the rotating belt is too loose or the joints are not in contact, which will also cause vibration. When the pump impeller is unbalanced, the impeller is worn out or the flow passage of individual impeller is blocked, which can easily cause vibration. Sometimes, the impeller loses balance due to poor shaft bending and causes vibration.

Increased noise during operation

1. Bearing noise source The bearing installation part is usually pressed against the bearing installation part with an iron rod or a screwdriver, and it is a rattling sound when listening with ears.

2. The noise of the motor is generally screaming, and the motor can only be replaced.

3. The sound source of cavitation noise is in the pump cavity, crackling and crackling.

The motor is hot

1. The outer wall of the motor is hot, and it may run over current. You can close the outlet valve and adjust it to run within the rated current. It may also be due to the quality of the motor coil. The motor can only be replaced.

2. There is friction in the rotating parts, the friction resistance increases, or the overcurrent may cause the motor to become hot. Stop the machine and check whether the rotor is flexible.

3. The motor bearing heats up, and the bearing may be short of oil or damaged. The bearing needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. The working voltage is too low, check the circuit and adjust the voltage.