Troubleshooting and usage suggestions for submersible pumps


The leakage of submersible pump is mostly caused by the […]

The leakage of submersible pump is mostly caused by the aging and wear of the sealing device. In addition to replacing the new seal, the following simple troubleshooting methods can also be adopted

1. The sealing ring of the submersible pump loses its elasticity due to long-term use. At this time, the sealing ring can be taken out, and another piece of paper or cloth with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 mm is cut into a pad slightly larger than the original sealing ring and installed in the groove , And finally install the original sealing ring.

2. The rubber sealing ring in the nylon sealing seat of the submersible pump is worn out. The sealing ring can be taken out and then replaced and installed. If the fastening spring on the sealing ring loses elasticity or breaks, the spring can be removed and a steel wire of appropriate diameter or The wire is tied tight.

3. If the first sealing ring of the submersible pump is severely worn, take out the nylon sealing ring, apply buttered asbestos rope, wrap it on the stainless steel sleeve and fill it up to slightly higher than the original nylon seat, then fill it with butter, and then bolt the nylon seat Compress and compact.

4. The sealing ring between the submersible pump sealing box and the cast iron loses its elasticity. You can take the sealing ring out of the cast iron tank, find a piece of hard paper shell with a thickness of 0.6 to 1 mm, cut it into the same size, pad it in the tank, and then Put the sealing ring in.



5. The rubber sealing ring of the oil hole of the submersible pump is damaged. You can find a piece of tape, cut it into a hole slightly larger than the bolt, add a flat pad on the top, and put it in the oil hole of the bolt together.

6. The submersible pump cannot be buried in the river mud. If there are many water leather debris in the water, the submersible pump should be put into the basket or basket, and then the basket or basket is put into the water.

7. When the submersible pump is tested outside the water (such as to determine the steering), it must not exceed 5 minutes to prevent the motor from heating and burning.

8. After the submersible pump has been working for 300 hours, perform a water sensitivity check. If the released water or oil-water mixture is less than 25mL, you can continue to use it. Otherwise, check whether the gray block and rubber sealing ring are damaged.