What are the causes and hazards of centrifugal pump idling


What is the idling of a centrifugal pump? It usually re […]

What is the idling of a centrifugal pump?

It usually refers to the situation that there is no water or more air in the pump casing when the pump is running. The majority of users do not know how to deal with the idling of the centrifugal pump. The reason for this is that they do not understand or understand the cause of the idling phenomenon. How to solve it well. In fact, the centrifugal pump will not cause damage in a short time of idling (within 1 minute).

The reasons for the idling of the centrifugal pump are: the inlet medium of the water pump is not enough or the inlet pressure is not enough, or the water inlet pipe of the water pump is blocked, or the air in the water pump cavity is not exhausted. When the centrifugal pump is idling, the impeller does not touch or seldom touches the medium, it cannot work effectively, and the liquid cannot be conveyed normally. These are all useless work. Since there is no effective work, the load on the motor is very small, and the current generated is also very small. There will be no impact on the motor. The idling of the water pump is indeed fatal to the pump.

What are the hazards of idling centrifugal pumps?

Idling water pumps are prone to cavitation, causing damage to the pump body and flow parts; idling water pumps with mechanical seals or packing seals will not be lubricated by liquid, leading to dry grinding and rapid damage; idling water pump rotors The parts and pump body will heat up, and there will be no liquid cooling. Those narrow gaps (such as seal rings) are easily seized by the effect of heat expansion and contraction; the idling multi-stage centrifugal pump balance plate is not lubricated, and the balance plate will be burned quickly Dead, damaged. Therefore, measures must be taken to prevent the pump from idling.