What are the precautions for deep well submersible pump installation


Deep-well submersible pumps are used in many environmen […]

Deep-well submersible pumps are used in many environments, occupy a small area and do not need to build a pump room. It is more convenient to use. The installation and regular maintenance of deep well submersible pumps are very important. What are the precautions for deep well submersible pump installation?

(1) Remove the water filter net with the machine and pump, and then open the water injection and vent bolts to fill the motor cavity with clean water. Be sure to fill it to prevent false fullness. And check whether there is water leakage in all parts of the motor. It is found that the water leakage should be adjusted according to the location and tighten the bolts.

(2) Check carefully whether the cables and connectors are bruised or damaged, and if any problems are found, pack holes in time.

(3) Use a 500 volt megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the winding not less than 150 megohms.

(4) Install the protection switch and starting equipment, and check whether the water in the motor is full, then tighten the water injection and vent bolts, and then install the wire guard and the water filter to prepare for installation in the well.



(5) Install a short water pipe section at the water outlet of the deep well pump, and use the splint to clamp and hoist it into the well so that the splint is seated on the well platform.

(6) Use a pair of splints to clamp another section of the water pipe, then lift and lower it to connect with the short water pipe flange. Lift the lifting chain to remove the splint, so that the pump tube is seated on the well platform in the downwell, and the installation and downhole are repeated in turn until all are installed.

(7) Put on the manhole cover, elbow, gate valve outlet pipe, etc.

(8) Rubber pads should be added each time the flange is connected, and the tightening screws should be tightened diagonally after alignment to prevent skewed water leakage.

(9) The cable should be fixed in the groove on the flange of the water pipe, and each section should be fastened with a tying rope. Be careful when going down the well. The cable should not be used as a sling, let alone scratch the cable.