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Solar Photovoltaic Pump Controller

Solar Photovoltaic Pump Controller

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Product Description:
This produce is suitable for solar photowol taic pump system, aimed at environmental and economy ma rket, to replace batery with retain
water and without any battery components, photoltaic pump contoller receives the DC which produced by solar modules and then
transform into AC to drive all kinds of pump direcdtly.
●Through adopting advanced MPPT tochnology ,this product can make full use of the eficiengy of the solar cell aray
●It can automaically adjust the motor speed and the water flow along with the intensity of sunlight
●Automatic sleep when on high-water level and automatic restart when on low-water level to rea ize automatic control through water level
●It also can enter automatically to sleep mode when the intensity of sunlight is weak(e.g the sunset.). as well as can exit the sleep mode
when the intensity of sunlight is becoming strong(e.g. the sun nise)
●Protect isel In trouble and Improve the rlalll of whole system

EDWIN PUMP has been a Solar Photovoltaic Pump Controller suppliers and company from China. Factory export series of pumps which include more than 40 series, 2000 models. We also accept OEM/ODM for many years.

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